The Young Writers Initiative

Sophia Kunkel was the Communications Director for  The Young Writers Initiative for three years, volunteering alongside this amazing organization meant to uplift young writers and artists everywhere

(Updated) Article  by Sophia Kunkel from PROSED, the blog:

It was in January of 2020 that I was scrolling through Instagram and found a neat little opportunity to be involved in, courtesy of a writing account that I followed. This opportunity was called The Young Writers Initiative, and they were hiring board members to help organize a safe space for writers, poets, and artists alike. I was immediately intrigued, because it’s always been my goal to inspire and assist other creators like me, and so I filled out an application on their website, aiming to be an editing volunteer or beta reading member. 

I was given the role of Marketing Director, because of my experience with Instagram, and I have come to love this position. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with our followers and posting about new services we offer– free editing and beta reading for novels, Zoom workshops with talented writers and freelancers, an awesome 8 week mentorship program and summer camp, cover designs opportunities, open mic nights, projects, and so much more! With the help of a second Marketing Director, content writers, and graphic designers, the account has grown to almost ten thousand followers.

One of my favorite aspects of the Initiative is holding contests for our lit journal, Juven Press, now in its fourth issue. The literary magazine team collects beautiful work from a multitude of young writers, poets, and artists, intending to showcase their talents to the world (which is often prejudiced against the arts and humanities). Sometimes there is a theme, like the first three volumes: Persona, Self-Portrait, and Re/Untold. Additionally, the org recently unveiled a podcast called Moving Write Along that focuses on certain writing struggles or processes, which has been quite popular thus far. 

TYWI also loves taking on new projects. Nour Salama spearheaded the Black Lives Matter journal, dedicated to amplifying black voices and stories by compiling writing, art, videos, and music from young creatives all over the world. I worked on Issues I and II of the Collaboration Stories, which challenged writers to work together to write wonderful, whimsical stories (found on Amazon). Last but not least, The Young Writers Initiative hosts Write-A-Thons each summer and winter season. These fun-filled events bring in so many amazing authors, editors, literary agents, poets, and more, all to benefit young writers who are looking for advice on their craft! There are also giveaways and literary magazines who participate in 24-hour submission challenges to all who attend the Write-A-Thon.

Overall, becoming a part of TYWI was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I encourage you to visit our website: We are always looking for more volunteers–whether you’re wanting to be an editor, judge, workshop teacher, cover designer, beta/alpha reader, or book reviewer! And, to be showered with updates, don’t forget to follow any of our Instagram accounts: @tywiorg / tywievents / movingwritealongpodcast / juvenpress


Writing Affirmations:

Sophia also edited and managed both issues of the Collaboration Stories these past two years. They are wonderful examples of what writers can accomplish together when given the opportunity! Both can be found on Amazon.